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Solar Control Glass

Reflective glass, also known as reflective-coated glass or solar control glass, is a type of architectural glass that has a thin, metallic coating applied to one of its surfaces. This coating reflects a portion of the sunlight that hits the glass, reducing glare and heat transmission into buildings while maintaining transparency. Reflective glass is commonly used in modern buildings for its energy-efficient properties, aesthetic appeal, and ability to enhance privacy by making it difficult to see inside from the outside during the day.



Here are some key characteristics and benefits of reflective glass:

  1. Solar Control: Reflective glass is designed to reflect a significant portion of the incoming solar radiation, reducing the amount of heat that is transmitted through the glass into the interior of a building. This can help in maintaining a more comfortable indoor temperature and reduce the need for excessive air conditioning.

  2. Glare Reduction: The reflective coating on the glass helps reduce glare caused by direct sunlight. This is particularly useful in commercial buildings, residential spaces, and vehicles where excessive glare can be a problem.

  3. Privacy: Reflective glass can provide a level of privacy during the day. The reflective coating makes it difficult for people outside to see into the building while still allowing those inside to see out.

  4. Aesthetics: The reflective appearance of the glass can contribute to the overall aesthetics of a building. It is often used in modern architectural designs to achieve a sleek and contemporary look.

  5. UV Protection: Some types of reflective glass coatings can also block a certain percentage of ultraviolet (UV) rays, helping to protect interior furnishings and materials from fading and damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Low-E (low-emissivity) glass is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through without compromising the amount of visible light transmitted. It features a microscopically thin, transparent coating that reflects heat while allowing light to pass through. This helps to keep indoor environments warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing energy costs and enhancing comfort. Low-E glass is commonly used in windows and skylights for residential and commercial buildings.

Reflective glass is commonly used in various applications for both functional and aesthetic purposes:

  1. Commercial Buildings: It’s often utilized in office buildings, skyscrapers, and other commercial structures to reduce solar heat gain, enhance energy efficiency, and provide a sleek, modern appearance.
  2. Residential Windows: In homes, reflective glass can be used in windows to increase privacy and reduce cooling costs by reflecting sunlight.
  3. Facades and Curtain Walls: It’s frequently employed in building facades and curtain wall systems to control solar heat and glare while contributing to the building’s exterior aesthetics.
  4. Automobiles: Reflective glass is also used in vehicles to reduce interior heat buildup and glare, improving comfort and visibility.

In these applications, reflective glass helps manage heat, enhance privacy, and improve energy efficiency while contributing to a building’s or vehicle’s overall design.

Jaipur Tuff has a wide range of reflective glass.

You can choose reflective glass according to your weather conditions. 

You can also choose your glass based on your requirement of Light Transmission, Light Reflection (External and Internal), Solar Factor (SF), Shading Coefficient (SC) and U Value (W/Sq.M K)

There is two types of reflective glass:

  1. Hard coated reflective glass: Can be used as single glaze unit.
  2. Soft coated reflective glass: Can not be used as single glaze unit, it is used in Laminated glass and Insulated Glass (DGU).


Reflective glass needs an advanced processing system to maintain solar and light efficiency of the glass, Jaipur Tuff has world’s best machinery and technology specialists to process the reflective glass.
We are also a certified processor of all types of reflective glasses.

  • SG – 06 mm Single Glass
  • DGC – 06 mm (Given) Reflective Glass + 12 mm Air Gap + 06 mm Clear Glass
  • DGR – 06 mm (Given) Reflective Glass + 12 mm Air Gap + 06 mm (Given) Reflective Glass
  • DGR* – 06 mm (Given) Reflective Glass + 12 mm Air Gap + 06 mm Clear Essence (Low-E) Glass

CRI, or Color Rendering Index, is not typically associated with reflective glass. Instead, CRI is a measure used to evaluate the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce the colors of objects compared to natural light. It is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating better color rendering.

Reflective glass focuses on controlling heat, glare, and light transmission rather than on color rendering. However, the reflective coating on the glass can influence the appearance of colors seen through it, which might indirectly relate to concepts similar to CRI in terms of visual perception quality.

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is a measure of how much solar radiation passes through a window, door, or skylight, both directly transmitted and absorbed and subsequently released inward. It is expressed as a number between 0 and 1, with lower values indicating better performance in blocking heat from sunlight. A lower SHGC means less solar heat enters the building, improving energy efficiency and indoor comfort, especially in warm climates. SHGC is a critical factor in the selection of glazing for buildings to optimize thermal performance and reduce cooling costs.

The U-Value, also known as thermal transmittance, measures the rate at which heat is lost through a material or assembly, such as a window, door, wall, or roof. It is expressed in watts per square meter per degree Celsius (W/m²·°C).

A lower U-Value indicates better insulation properties, meaning less heat loss and greater energy efficiency. In the context of windows and glazing, a lower U-Value helps maintain a more stable indoor temperature and reduces heating and cooling costs. The U-Value is an essential parameter in building design for achieving energy-efficient and comfortable indoor environments.

From GGL

ShadeProduct Substrate% Light Transmission% Light Reflection
% Light Reflection
CRI (Ra-D65)Combination Code
Neutral SilverSolar Silver 20Clear2031260.283.594SGU
Dark GreenSolar Green 20Green1724260.263.586SGU
Blue-GreenSolar Aquamarine 20Green1916310.314.289SGU
GreenSolar Green 32Green2817210.374.786SGU
GreenSolar Green 34Green321980.364.584SGU
Light GreenSolar Green 52Green4413160.465.189SGU
Light GreenSolar Green 67Green5713160.515.291SGU
BlueSolar Royal Blue 20Clear2220310.344.297SGU
Neutral Silver greySolar Silver Grey 32Clear3222210.434.793SGU
NeutralSolar Neutral 34Clear372380.44.591SGU
Light blueSolar Light Blue 52Clear5217160.595.198SGU
NeutralSolar Neutral 67Clear6615170.695.299SGU
Silver NeutralSolar Silver 20Clear1831290.222.392DGU
BlueSolar Royal Blue 20Clear2020330.252.595DGU
Neutral Silver greySolar Silver Grey 32Clear2923250.332.792DGU
NeutralSolar Neutral 34Clear3324140.312.690DGU
Light blueSolar Light Blue 52Clear4619210.482.895DGU
NeutralSolar Neutral 67Clear5919220.582.896DGU
Dark GreenSolar Green 20Green1524290.182.385DGU
Blue-GreenSolar Aquamarine 20Green1716330.212.587DGU
GreenSolar Green 32Green2518250.262.784DGU
GreenSolar Green 34Green2819140.252.682DGU
Light GreenSolar Green 52Green4015210.342.887DGU
Light GreenSolar Green 67Green5115210.42.888DGU
Neutral GreySolar Plus GreyClear271140.28394SGU
NeutralSolar Plus NeutralClear271490.282.9795SGU
BlueSolar Plus BlueClear271240.28339SGU
GreenSolar Plus GreenClear271340.28388SGU
Neutral GreySolar Plus GreyClear2411110.21292DGU
NeutralSolar Plus NeutralClear2415150.21294DGU
BlueSolar Plus BlueClear2413120.21291DGU
GreenSolar Plus GreenClear2414120.21286DGU
Neutral GreySolar Grey 33Clear3317260.474.8497.5SGU
Neutral GreySolar Grey 33Clear2918290.352.7293.8DGU
BronzeHD BronzeClear231320.35495SGU
BlueHD BlueClear2719250.414.699SGU
GreenHD GreenClear3527120.484.895SGU
Neutral GreyHD GreyClear191170.364.496SGU
BronzeHD BronzeClear2013100.262.495DGU
BlueHD BlueClear2420280.312.697DGU
GreenHD GreenClear3128180.372.794DGU
Neutral GreyHD GreyClear1711130.262.697DGU
Gold BronzeHP Gold 31Clear3339380.211.675DGU
Silver NeutralHP Silver 35Clear3340210.241.694DGU
Neutral GreyHP Neutral 40Clear4022120.311.790DGU
Dark BlueHP Royal Blue 40Clear4026230.281.791DGU
Silver NeutralHP Silver 40Clear4030160.281.691DGU
Clear Neutral HP Neutral Plus 50Clear4826210.321.693DGU
Clear NeutralHP Neutral 60Clear5823170.391.793DGU
Clear NeutralHP Neutral 70Clear6911120.521.993DGU
Dark GreenHP Green 35Green2831210.191.686DGU
GreenHP Green 40Green3417120.241.782DGU
Blue-GreenHP Aquamarine 40Green3420230.221.783DGU
Light GreenHP Green Plus 50Green4121210.251.685DGU
Light GreenHP Green 60Green4918160.291.785DGU
Light GreenHP Green 70Green5910110.361.986DGU
BlueDS 30Clear2918130.211.782DGU
BlueDS 50Clear4810130.291.784DGU
BlueDS 40Clear3812160.241.782DGU
Neutral DS Neutral 30Clear2818150.191.781DGU
GreenDS Green 30Clear2822190.211.782DGU
Blue-Green DS Aquamarine 35Clear3319150.221.784DGU
Green DS Green 40Clear3920180.251.687DGU
NeutralDS Neutral 40Clear3818130.231.683DGU

From AIS

Ecosence Enhance SpringClear652124690.795.7SG
Ecosence Enhance NimbusClear542114590.685.4SG
Ecosence Enhance AuraClear532521580.675.7SG
Ecosence Enhance NectarClear372216450.525.3SG
Ecosence Enhance DawnClear292034430.55.7SG
Ecosence Enhance IvoryClear233419340.394.9SG
Ecosence Enhance SnowClear232636380.445.7SG
Ecosence Enhance MarineBlue431121480.555.7SG
Ecosence Enhance SereneBlue351215450.525.4SG
Ecosence Enhance BayBlue351222460.535.7SG
Ecosence Enhance OasisBlue301726410.474.8SG
Ecosence Enhance IndigoBlue241216380.435.3SG
Ecosence Enhance Oceanic Blue PlusBlue222029330.385SG
Ecosence Enhance CoveBlue201234360.415.7SG
Ecosence Enhance Orchid BlueBlue151435350.45.7SG
Ecosence Enhance BluebellBlue141720320.374.9SG
Ecosence Enhance MeadowGreen561421480.565.7SG
Ecosence Enhance HarmonyGreen461615460.535.4SG
Ecosence Enhance CoralGreen441922460.535.7SG
Ecosence Enhance LimeGreen311716370.435.7SG
Ecosence Enhance PineGreen251634350.45.7SG
Ecosence Enhance JadeGreen212035360.415.7SG
Ecosence Enhance CitrusGreen182521310.364.9SG
Ecosence Enhance GoldGold492627580.675.7SG
Ecosence Enhance SpringClear592426600.72.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance NimbusClear472318480.552.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance AuraClear482725460.532.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance NectarClear322321350.392.7DGC
Ecosence Enhance DawnClear262135330.382.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance SnowClear212736280.322.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance IvoryClear203423250.292.6DGC
Ecosence Enhance MarineBlue381225390.462.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance SereneBlue311118330.382.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance BayBlue311325340.392.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance OasisBlue271729310.362.5DGC
Ecosence Enhance IndigoBlue221321260.32.7DGC
Ecosence Enhance Oceanic Blue PlusBlue212129250.32.5DGC
Ecosence Enhance CoveBlue181234250.292.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance Orchid BlueBlue131435230.262.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance Blue BellBlue131724210.242.6DGC
Ecosence Enhance MeadowGreen491725390.442.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance HarmonyGreen401820340.392.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance CoralGreen392025350.42.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance LimeGreen271820260.32.7DGC
Ecosence Enhance PineGreen221635240.282.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance JadeGreen182035240.282.8DGC
Ecosence Enhance CitrusGreen162524210.242.6DGC
Ecosence Enhance GoldGold442729480.562.8DGC
Ecosence Exceed Clear Lite PlusClear541511380.441.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Clear RadianceClear482414350.411.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Clear Vision PlusClear392313290.331.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Clear Brook PlusClear333921220.251.6DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Clear ComfortClear302514240.281.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Clear PrivaClear303117220.261.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Clear PlatinaClear274016210.241.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Blue Lite PlusBlue381010280.331.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Electric BlueBlue362317310.361.8DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Blue RadianceBlue321314250.281.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Blue BerryBlue292120260.31.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Blue Vision PlusBlue241313200.231.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Blue Brook PlusBlue202023180.211.6DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Blue ComfortBlue201314190.221.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Blue PrivaBlue201417180.211.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Blue PlatinaBlue181817170.21.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Green Lite PlusGreen471411290.331.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Green RadianceGreen421814270.31.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Green Vision PlusGreen341913220.251.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Green Brook PlusGreen263023180.211.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Green ComfortGreen261814200.231.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Green PrivaGreen262117190.221.7DGR*
Ecosence Exceed Green PlatinaGreen242817180.211.6DGR*
Ecosence Exceed AureliaGold304146240.281.6DGR*
Ecosence Excel Clear VividClear661313380.431.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Clear StarClear551213330.381.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Clear SparkleClear461917250.291.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Clear DazzleClear451313270.311.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Clear PearlClear411913230.261.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Clear MarvelClear301918180.211.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Blue VividBlue43913280.321.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Blue StarBlue36612250.291.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Blue SparkleBlue311217200.231.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Blue PearlBlue271213190.221.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Blue MarvelBlue211118160.191.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Green VividGreen551113300.351.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Green StarGreen46912260.31.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Green SparkleGreen411718220.251.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Green PearlGreen341513200.231.6DGC
Ecosence Excel Green MarvelGreen271618180.211.6DGC
Ecosence Edge NaturaClear282710300.353.7SG
Ecosence Edge Natura PlusClear45206420.484.6SG
Ecosence Edge ElectraBlue191410270.313.7SG
Ecosence Edge Electra PlusBlue30126330.384.6SG
Ecosence Edge ChromaGreen232110260.33.7SG
Ecosence Edge Chroma PlusGreen38196310.364.6SG
Ecosence Edge NaturaClear252816240.281.9DGC
Ecosence Edge Natura PlusClear402212330.382.4DGC
Ecosence Edge ElectraBlue161516190.221.9DGC
Ecosence Edge Electra PlusBlue271212250.292.4DGC
Ecosence Edge ChromaGreen202116190.221.9DGC
Ecosence Edge Chroma PlusGreen351212230.262.4DGC
Ecosense Clear Essence PlusClear711012530.611.8DGC
Ecosense Green Essence PlusGreen59911370.431.8DGC
Ecosense Blue Essence PlusBlue43711350.41.8DGC
Sunshield Royal Gold432427500.575.8SG-3.5mm
Sunshield Royal Gold412427520.65.8SG-4mm
Sunshield Leaf GreenLeaf Green173816310.365.67SG-5mm
Sunshield Oceanic BlueOceanic Blue282029390.455.71SG-5mm
Sunshield Radiant AmberRadiant Amber182015310.365.67SG-5mm
Sunshield Icy ClearIcy Clear652225660.765.75SG-5mm
Sunshield Royal GoldRoyal Gold402326520.65.8SG-5mm
Sunshield Leaf GreenLeaf Green153821220.262.79DGC-5+5mm
Sunshield Oceanic BlueOceanic Blue252032290.342.81DGC-5+5mm
Sunshield Radiant AmberRadiant Amber162020220.252.79DGC-5+5mm
Sunshield Icy ClearIcy Clear582628570.652.82DGC-5+5mm
Sunshield Supreme BlueSupreme Blue351724440.515.69SG-6mm
Sunshield Supreme GreenSupreme Green333414430.495.66SG-6mm
Sunshield Supreme GoldSupreme Gold581516670.785.4SG-6mm
Opal Royal BlueRoyal Blue301336520.65.7SG-4mm
Opal Cool GreenCool Green482436500.575.7SG-4mm
Opal Golden BronzeGolden Bronze401735580.675.7SG-4mm
Opal Pearl GreyPearl Grey20937500.585.7SG-4mm
Opal Aqua BlueAqua Blue291440490.85.8SG-4mm
Opal Royal BlueRoyal Blue251036490.565.7SG-5mm
Opal Cool GreenCool Green442236470.545.7SG-5mm
Opal Golden BronzeGolden Bronze351435550.635.7SG-5mm
Opal Pearl GreyPearl Grey15738460.535.7SG-5mm
Opal Aqua BlueAqua Blue251140460.515.8SG-5mm

From SGG

ShadeColourBrandGlass Code% Light Transmission% Light Reflection (External)% Light Reflection (Internal)Solar Factor (SF)Shading Co-Efficient (SC)U Value (W/Sq.M K)Combination Code
NeutralLight GoldReflectasolReflectasol3245540.50.585.7SG
NeutralDew DropAntelio PlusST 1505118170.540.625.6SG
NeutralSparkling IceAntelio PlusST 1676519190.660.755.6SG
NeutralGraphiteCool-liteST 1363722180.420.485.5SG
NeutralClear CosmosEvoET 125282790.290.333.8SG
NeutralNeutralEvoliteET 150II5013110.50.585SG
NeutralLight GoldReflectasolReflectasol2946520.430.492.8DGC
NeutralDew DropAntelio PlusST 1504520210.440.512.8DGC
NeutralSparkling IceAntelio PlusST 1675922230.560.642.8DGC
NeutralGraphiteCool-liteST 1363323220.330.382.7DGC
NeutralPristine WhitePlanithermPLT T7412120.540.621.8DGC
NeutralMoonshineNanoKT 1554617100.360.411.9DGC
NeutralIcy MentholNanoKT 1403623120.270.311.8DGC
NeutralClear CosmosEvoET 1252528150.230.262DGC
NeutralIrisEnvisionSKN 144 II3920120.230.261.6DGC
NeutralMagmaEnvisionSKN 154 II4918260.270.311.5DGC
NeutralSKNEnvisionSKN 165 II5916170.320.371.5DGC
NeutralNeutralEvoliteET 150 II4515170.420.482.6DGC
NeutralShineNanosilverKS 138 II3640190.260.291.6DGC
NeutralChromaNanosilverKS 146II4233190.290.341.6DGC
NeutralLight GoldReflectasolReflectasol2746440.370.431.8DGR
NeutralDew DropAntelio PlusST 1504219180.40.451.8DGR
NeutralSparkling IceAntelio PlusST 1675521190.510.581.8DGR
NeutralGraphiteCool-liteST 1363122190.290.341.8DGR
NeutralPristine WhitePlanithermPLT T70990.530.611.7DGR
NeutralMoonshineNanoKT 155431680.350.41.7DGR
NeutralIcy MentholNanoKT 140342290.270.311.7DGR
NeutralClear CosmosEvoET 1252328120.220.251.7DGR
NeutralIrisEnvisionSKN 144 II371990.240.271.6DGR
NeutralMagmaEnvisionSKN 154 II4617210.280.321.5DGR
NeutralSKNEnvisionSKN 165 II5514140.330.381.5DGR
NeutralNeutralEvoliteET 150 II4214140.360.411.8DGR
BlueSapphire BlueReflectasolReflectasol2022530.370.435.7SG
BlueBlue RayAntelio PlusST 7674311180.470.545.6SG
BlueRoyale BlueCool-liteST 7503310160.40.465.6SG
BlueTitanium BlueCool-liteSTB 1202221290.310.365.2SG
BlueTranquil BlueCool-liteST 7201316270.260.35.2SG
BlueBlue BreezeCool-liteST 7362412180.340.395.5SG
BlueBlue IsleCool-liteST 708521380.150.183.6SG
BlueOrion BlueEvoET 725181490.230.273.85SG
BlueBlueEvoliteET 450 II328100.370.425SG
BlueSapphire BlueReflectasolReflectasol1922520.270.322.8DGC
BlueBlue RayAntelio PlusST 7673812220.360.422.8DGC
BlueRoyale BlueCool-liteST 7503011210.30.342.8DGC
BlueTitanium BlueCool-liteSTB 1202021310.230.272.7DGC
BlueTranquil BlueCool-liteST 7201216290.170.192.6DGC
BlueBlue BreezeCool-liteST 7362212220.240.272.7DGC
BlueBlue IsleCool-liteST 708521390.090.111.9DGC
BlueSatin BluePlanithermPLT TB498100.350.41.8DGC
BlueMisty BlueNanoKT 7553010100.240.281.9DGC
BlueTwilight BlueNanoKT7402412110.20.231.8DGC
BlueOrion BlueEvoET 7251615150.170.192DGC
BlueLumosaEnvisionSKN 744 II2611110.180.21.6DGC
BlueQuasarEnvisionSKN 754 II3210250.20.231.5DGC
BlueSKNEnvisionSKN 765 II399160.240.271.5DGC
BlueBlueEvoliteET 450 II299160.270.322.6DGC
BlueUltramarineNanosilverKS 738 II2319190.180.211.6DGC
BlueLagoonNanosilverKS 746 II2717190.20.231.6DGC
BlueSapphire BlueReflectasolReflectasol1722430.230.261.8DGR
BlueTitanium BlueCool-liteSTB 1201821260.20.231.8DGR
BlueBlue RayCool-liteST 7673612180.320.371.8DGR
BlueRoyale BlueCool-liteST 7502811170.260.31.8DGR
BlueTranquil BlueCool-liteST 7201116240.140.161.8DGR
BlueBlue BreezeCool-liteST 7362012180.20.231.8DGR
BlueBlue IsleCool-liteST 708421320.10.111.7DGR
BlueSatin BluePlanithermPLT TB46780.350.41.7DGR
BlueMisty BlueNanoKT 75528980.240.281.7DGR
BlueTwilight BlueNanoKT740221290.20.231.7DGR
BlueOrion BlueEvoET 7251515120.160.181.7DGR
BlueLumosaEnvisionSKN 744 II241190.190.221.6DGR
BlueQuasarEnvisionSKN 754 II3010210.220.251.5DGR
BlueSKNEnvisionSKN 765 II369130.250.291.5DGR
BlueBlueEvoliteET 450 II279130.230.271.8DGR
MetalDark GreyReflectasolReflectasol55530.350.45.7SG
MetalPlatinumCool-liteST 108843380.140.173.6SG
MetalSterling SilverCool-liteST 1202032270.290.335.2SG
MetalDark GreyReflectasolReflectasol45510.240.272.8DGC
MetalPlatinumCool-liteST 108743390.10.111.9DGC
MetalSterling SilverCool-liteST 1201732300.210.242.6DGC
MetalDark GreyReflectasolReflectasol45440.190.221.8DGR
MetalPlatinumCool-liteST 108743330.10.121.7DGR
MetalSterling SilverCool-liteST 1201732250.180.211.8DGR
Blue-GreenBlue GreenAntelio PlusST 4504314170.430.495.6SG
Blue-GreenTurquoiseCool-liteST 4363117180.370.435.5SG
Blue-GreenBlue GreenAntelio PlusST 4503916210.330.382.8DGC
Blue-GreenTurquoiseCool-liteST 4362818220.260.32.8DGC
Blue-GreenBlue GreenAntelio PlusST 4503615180.290.341.8DGR
Blue-GreenTurquoiseCool-liteST 4362618180.230.261.8DGR
GreenEmerald GlazeAntelio PlusST 4675615180.50.585.6SG
GreenDeep GreenCool-liteST 408733380.150.173.6SG
GreenAquamarineCool-liteST 4201724270.270.315.2SG
GreenGreen AuraEvoET 425242190.260.283.85SG
GreenGreenEvoliteET 450 II4110110.390.455SG
GreenEmerald GlazeAntelio PlusST 4675017230.40.462.8DGC
GreenDeep GreenCool-liteST 408633390.10.111.9DGC
GreenAquamarineCool-liteST 4201524300.180.212.6DGC
GreenMint GreenPlanithermPLT TG6310110.40.461.8DGC
GreenOliveNanoKT 4553913100.280.321.9DGC
GreenTropca GreenNanoKT 4403118120.220.251.8DGC
GreenGreen AuraEvoET 4252122150.180.212DGC
GreenFuturaEnvisionSKN 444 II3416120.20.231.6DGC
GreenNebulaEnvisionSKN 454 II4214250.230.271.5DGC
GreenSKNEnvisionSKN 465 II5013160.270.321.5DGC
GreenGreenEvoliteET 450 II3712170.30.342.6DGC
GreenEchoNanosilverKS 438 II3029190.20.231.6DGC
GreenCelesteNanosilverKS 446 II3425200.220.261.6DGC
GreenEmerald GlazeAntelio PlusST 4674716190.360.411.8DGR
GreenDeep GreenCool-liteST 408633330.10.111.7DGR
GreenAquamarineCool-liteST 4201424250.150.181.8DGR
GreenMint GreenPlanithermPLT TG59890.40.461.7DGR
GreenOliveNanoKT 455371380.270.311.7DGR
GreenTropca GreenNanoKT 440291790.220.251.7DGR
GreenGreen AuraEvoET 4252021120.170.21.7DGR
GreenFuturaEnvisionSKN 444 II321590.210.251.6DGR
GreenNebulaEnvisionSKN 454 II3914210.250.281.5DGR
GreenSKNEnvisionSKN 465 II4712130.290.341.5DGR
GreenGreenEvoliteET 450 II3511130.260.31.8DGR