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Jaipur Tuffen Glass Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Glass for ➤ Structural Glazing ➤ Doors and Windows Solution ➤ Office Partitions ➤ Bullet Protection ➤ Technologically Advanced & High-End performance

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One stop for your architectural glass requirements

For Smart Homes Concept.

Our technologically advanced glass like Smart Glass, Integrated Blind DGU and others make your smart home extra smart.

Green Buildings Concept

We manufacture high performance glass to meet the desired solar heat gain coefficient and U-value requirements buildings.

Security Glass and Bullet Proof Glass

Level-7 bullet proof glass protect you from enemy and highly secure laminated glass eliminates the messy steel grills in windows.

Color PVB Option in Glass

Aesthetic matters, A wide range of available effects, patterns and colours allow you to create the desired look in your buildings.

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Our experienced senior team collaborates closely with you throughout our engagement. We take great pride in our work and strive for consistent excellence. This leads to the development of strategic insights and recommendations that you can support with confidence.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Experienced Team

Our professional and experienced team not only understand the nuances of quality but they know the value of commitment.

Best Manufacturing Technology

We have world-class technology equipped with European machineries which helps in processing high-quality glass.

Advanced Research Lab

Our advanced research laboratory helps us to increase the quality of our production and develop new products.

You are a student, want to be an intern with us?

We believe the role of the industry and the academia has always been indispensable to each other. To augment research activities several initiatives are taken to collaborate with leading reputed institutes and industries in India and Abroad. Its our small step in this direction.