Jaipur Tuff Journey

Our journey began in 1974. Back then we were a retailer and trader of different types of architectural glass of that time. In 2000 the journey of glass trading converted into the glass processing and setup first unit with Beveling and molding machines. Being with time we have started adding machines in our unit.

2003: Bending Machine (Became first bend glass manufacturer in Jaipur)

2007: Fully Automatic Beveling Machine.

2008: Fully Automatic Edge Polishing Machine.

2011: Installed Toughened Furnace and CNC Glass Cutting Machine.


The biggest step of the journey was in 2017, we replaced the complete unit with the world’s best technology and machinery. Today, we are the only processor of North India with fully automatic European machinery having brands like Lisec, Glaston, and Intermac. Now,  we are privileged to serve thousands of customers in India and abroad every year with exceptional products like Smart Glass (Switchable Glass), Smart Insulating glass and a verity of very high-performance nano-material coated reflective glass.



Our logo is inspired by the Brand Name “Jaipur Tuff” – A verity of glass with different types and color options.


Punch Line

Glass! Changing the Perception.

Glass! – When anybody listens to the name “Glass” naturally it comes in mind, Breakable, harmful, or can’t use where safety is required.

We are “ Changing the Perception” by proving a highly secure and safe series of architectural glass products.


Jaipur Tuff Objective

Our objective is to become the pioneer of the glass processing industry Having state of the art, machines, and manpower. Providing continuous training. Timely upgrading with the latest technology.


Our Glass

We’ve always believed in serving the best architectural glass possible. It’s our goal for all of our glass to be grown under the highest standards of quality, using ethical sourcing practices. Our quality team and operators visit the world’s best processors and participate in various national and international training programs. Our management team is always ready to adopt the latest technology in glass processing and provide all possible sources to our research and development team.